How to hunt down waste

Eliminating waste is a fundamental part of Thinking Lean.
But the longer we have worked somewhere, the harder it can be to see the waste around us.
It can be hard to see the (Tim) Woods for the trees.
(See what I did there 😊)
A Waste Walk, a structured group activity where you go with the specific intent of looking for waste, is a great way to uncover and identify things that do not add value for your customer.
This article includes 4 powerful tips and a free download to help you facilitate a successful Waste Walk.

How Drawing Toast can help you solve problems

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Journey to Excellence conference held in Manchester in the UK.
This is an annual conference, organized by True North Excellence, created to inspire through sharing best practice, building new networks, and experiencing best in class learning.
I delivered a workshop to around 75 delegates, titled ‘Solving the Biggest Problem with Problem Solving’ and I used Tom Wujec’s Draw Toast activity during the workshop.

3 Ways to Brainstorm Better

Brainstorming is a very useful and valuable tool when you need to generate ideas. I’d be willing to bet that all CI practitioners (and probably the majority of managers generally) have been in a brainstorming session at some point.

But are they always effective?

Do the creative, innovative ideas flow easily?

Not always.

3 Tips to help you communicate better in stressful situations

Fourteen years ago, I attended a brilliant one-day workshop at the Roffey Park Institute led by Dr Vincent Covello of the Center for Risk Communication in New York. Dr Covello is an internationally recognised expert in risk, crisis, conflict, change, and high-stress communications. The workshop was titled ‘Communicating in Times of High-Stress’….